Bentley Arnage Green Label, 1998 87000 km upon MFK, Info: The Bentley Arnage was a large luxury car produced by Bentley Motors in Crewe, England from 1998 to 2009. The Arnage, and its Rolls-Royce-branded sibling, the Silver Seraph, were introduced in the Spring of 1998, and were the first entirely new designs for the two marques since 1980. Another break from the past was to be found under the bonnet, for decades home to the same 6.75 litre V8 engine, a powerplant which could trace its roots back to the 1950s. The new Arnage was to be powered by a BMW V8 engine, with Cosworth-engineered twin-turbo installation, and the Seraph was to employ a BMW V12 engine. The Arnage is over 5.4 meters (212 in) long, 1.9 metres (75 in) wide, and has a kerb weight of more than 2.5 metric tonnes. For a brief period it was the most powerful and fastest four-door saloon on the market. In September 2008, Bentley announced that production of the model would cease during 2009. (Source: Wikipedia). CH

Bentley Arnage Green Label, 1998 87000 km ab MFK. Info: Der Arnage wurde 1998 eingeführt, als Bentley noch gemeinsam mit Rolls-Royce Motor Cars zum Vickers-Konzern gehörte. Kurz darauf übernahm Volkswagen die Bentley- und Rolls-Royce-Werke, die Eigentumsrechte von Rolls-Royce lagen jedoch nicht bei Vickers, sondern beim Triebwerkshersteller Rolls-Royce plc. welcher die Nutzungsrechte für Automobile an BMW vergab. Der Arnage ist nach dem gleichnamigen Ort am Circuit de la Sarthe benannt. Das Schwestermodell Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph wurde nach der Übernahme Rolls-Royce’ durch BMW 2002 zugunsten des Rolls-Royce Phantom eingestellt. (Quelle: Wikipedia). CH

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