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June 12, 2016, 1:00 pm CET /

 Hofbauer Organ with Cassette-System and clock

Lot No. 26

Hofbauer Organ with...
Unsold, max bid $5000

 Beautiful Painted Musical Clock with Church Motif

Lot No. 27

Beautiful Painted M...
Unsold, max bid $2000

 Magnificent Musical Clock Painting with French Church Motif

Lot No. 28

Magnificent Musical...
Sold for $ 3500

 Fantastic French Pendule with Carillon

Lot No. 29

Fantastic French Pe...
Sold for $ 12000

 Interesting and rare

Lot No. 30

Interesting and rar...
Unsold, max bid $7500

 Gebrüder Bruder Fairground Organ Model 107

Lot No. 31

Gebrüder Bruder Fai...

Lot No. 32

"De Fliere Fluiter"...
Sold for $ 17000

 52key DECAP Dance Organ

Lot No. 32A

52key DECAP Dance O...
Unsold, max bid $16000

 105key DECAP Dance Organ

Lot No. 33

105key DECAP Dance...
Unsold, max bid $20000

 Compton Theatre and Cinema Organ

Lot No. 34

Compton Theatre and...
Unsold, max bid $44000

 Mandarin Cylinder Music Box by Bremond, Switzerland

Lot No. 35

Mandarin Cylinder M...
Sold for $ 2750

 Ouverture Music Box Genava, c. 1880

Lot No. 36

Ouverture Music Box...
Unsold, max bid $8500

 Reuge 72 Note Music Box

Lot No. 37

Reuge 72 Note Music...
Sold for $ 1400

 Symphonion Disc Musical Box

Lot No. 38

Symphonion Disc Mus...
Sold for $ 13000

 Paillard Cylinder Player in Cabinet

Lot No. 39

Paillard Cylinder P...
Sold for $ 15000

 Thorens Music Box for 11in-discs.

Lot No. 40

Thorens Music Box f...
Sold for $ 5000

 Reuge interchangeable Sublime Harmony

Lot No. 41

Reuge interchangeab...
Unsold, max bid $34000

 Fantastic PORTER Disc Music Box

Lot No. 42

Fantastic PORTER Di...
Sold for $ 6000

 Kalliope upright Disc Music Box with 12 saucer bells. No. 176

Lot No. 43

Kalliope upright Di...
Sold for $ 10000

 Very rare Lochman Original Orchestrion

Lot No. 44

Very rare Lochman O...

 Ideal Sublime Harmonie Music box on a table by Mermod Frères of St. Croix

Lot No. 45

Ideal Sublime Harmo...
Sold for $ 16000

 Oriiginal Wurlitzer Pianola - electric Piano / Nickelodeon

Lot No. 46

Oriiginal Wurlitzer...
Sold for $ 1500

 Nickelodeon, Player Piano with Glass-Artwork

Lot No. 47

Nickelodeon, Player...
Sold for $ 6000

 A rare Barrel Piano made by G. Rossi

Lot No. 48

A rare Barrel Piano...

 Hupfeld Clavitist Universal

Lot No. 49

Hupfeld Clavitist U...

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