• Cambodian Dancer by Roullet & Decamps

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  • Cambodian Dancer by Roullet & Decamps

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  • Cambodian Dancer by Roullet & Decamps

    (4 images )
  • Cambodian Dancer by Roullet & Decamps

    (4 images )

LOT 105: Cambodian Dancer by Roullet & Decamps


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Probably the rarest automaton of the 19th century. Only 2 known in the world and they fetched up to $ 400,000 at auctions. This beautifully sculpted automaton was most likely created by Gaston Decamps -- a gifted artist and student of sculpture. The dancer performs by swaying from side to side, tilting her head, rotating her arms at the elbows, and turning her hands at the wrist. Every inch of this 40 inch tall piece is lavishly adorned: gold silk brocade, sequins, beads, anklets, bracelets, and an elaborate headdress. This piece is a marvel of artistry on every levels. A unique opportunity to own the piece of automaton. This automaton was sold at Chartres in 2006. US

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